Ukrainian Technologic Systems


Ukrainian technological systems

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of heat generators, industrial burners and utilisers of industrial and domestic waste, water boilers fuelled by solid biofuels.

Our equipment is used in a variety of technological processes that require a significant amount of heat energy. For example, for heating industrial and domestic premises, heating greenhouses and livestock farms, drying lumber and other raw materials, drying grain crops, drying of medicinal herbs and fodder.

Українські Технологічні Системи
Українські Технологічні Системи
Viktor MykolayovychCEO of UTS

“We develop heat generators for any needs, from space heating to dryer equipment.”

Due to the presence of heat exchangers in the design of heat generators, the coolant does not come into contact with combustion products, which ensures high environmental performance and the absence of carcinogenic substances in the coolant.

Burners of our production are used in technological processes that involve the use of thermal energy directly from combustion products, without heat exchangers. For example, when modernising boiler houses to heat large volumes of water, drying wood chips and sawdust, burning lime, making fertilisers, etc. It is also possible to use the burners in the technological processes of drying grain with combustion products, without heat exchangers. For this purpose, the burners are additionally equipped with afterburners that ensure complete combustion of fuel, solid particles and prevent sparks from entering the grain.

Thanks to a wide range of power outputs (10 kW - 5000 kW), our water boilers can be used to heat small domestic and industrial premises, greenhouses, and to supply technological processes that require a significant amount of heat energy.

The use of our equipment allows us to completely replace the consumption of natural gas or diesel fuel in manufacturing processes and significantly reduce the company's costs and, as a result, the cost of the final product.


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