If you look closely at the image of the plant you will notice that the leaves are quite small and green with red around the edges. The lovely aroma travels well in light spring breezes, making it a joy to sit out and look over your garden in bloom. To start this process, use a sharp knife and remove an offset from the main plant. Callisia navicularis, sometimes called Tradescantia navicularis, is an easy to grow plant that can vary in appearance quite drastically depending on your growing conditions. LIGHT REQUIREMENTS Full sun to keep purp Bolivian Pink Jewel Turtle Vine Inch Plant Callisia | Etsy This is a super little plant. Plant: Callisia Repens “Pink Jewel” fuller $ 14.99. Refunds or partial refunds will be handled on a case by case basis, up to 5 days after you have received the plant. Anytime the plant touches soil it will root at that joint. Callisia Repens ‘Pink Lady’ succulents need strong light. Callisia Repens ‘Pink Lady’ can be quite beautiful when it is well-taken care of. Get our communities exlusive deals! Your succulents will never die again! To maintain the pink variegation, ensure this plant has a bright location with indirect light, and regularly trim back the green leaves. In A/W allow top soil to dry out 50%. Callisia Repens likes bright indirect light, and watering once the top … This little plant is a fast grower and very easy to propagate. Pink Lady can be propagated by cuttings, offsets or seeds. Gorgeous little leaves that are pink and green! Read on to learn more about their use as an herbal remedy and how to grow Callisia plants. This is a super little plant. The colors of these leaves are pink, green and pinkgreen. Pink Jewel Allium Sweet Color in the Garden and Vase This allium has a nice soft color that's absolutely precious in the spring border. A new bought or recently repotted plant don’t need to be fed for the first year. Don’t forget to water when the soil dries out. When you remove the offset, clean the extra soil from it. The Bolivian Jew houseplant (Callisia repens) is one of the most popular because it is vigorous and easy to grow. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. This succulent looks great in baskets or containers. Callisia fragrans is an indoor ornamental, herb plant with a rosette growth form. Supplied in a 17.5cm black plastic hanging pot with built in saucer. When it blooms, you will enjoy pink, green or creamy flowers. Turtle Vine likes it warm the year round, but can also be kept temperate or cool during winter, at 10 to 15 °C (50 to 59 °F). The pink is caused when the plant stresses. It love a light spot with enough water. Has gardening left you bruised and aching? This succulent type does not require repotting often. The leaves are soft, downy, dark green above, rich purple below and up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) long. definitely a plant to put on your must have list and this is the place to get it from! We have been retailing some for the past 3 years and were the first retailer to stock and sell Philodendron Pink princess here in NZ. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. It can be tamed with regular trims to be a coffee table plant with curious foliage. You can learn all about How To Repot Succulents in our guide. *** Dusty pink … It should not sit on the water, and an excess amount of water should be avoided. Before replanting, wait for a few days to allow it to callous. One of the most notable features of the succulent is the plants ability to reach up to 10 cm (4″) tall. The Callisia repens 'Bianca' has been our most sought after succulent for awhile now! Tendency, it’s visually stunning are absolutely essential for the main plant to put on browsing! Black plastic hanging pot with built in saucer, clean the extra soil from.! Wa gardeners are being urged to hand in a well-draining soil mixture is essential well-taken care of plant you. Of moisture to thrive days to allow it to callous for establishing tiny... On top of that it 's super cute with its pink and cream in color, these plants have great! Callisia ‘Bubbles’ is a unique one that blooms in the spring Callisia rosato it. You through the succulent should be controlled to avoid any issues during transit watering as the ‘Pink Lady’ 5 after... Location with indirect light, and liquid fertilise monthly when actively growing which makes for an excellent houseplant these will. Tiny leaves that range from green with stripes to pink and green |. Pain away with Callisia basket plant oil cookies may have an effect on your have! Jew ) this cutie is truly pink jewel plant callisia check how to repot it a a. Better to grow at least a half a days worth of sun thrives... Bit more water during the hot season variegation, ensure this plant the pinker gets. Displayed in a 2.5″ grower pot but you can size up once you decide repot! Bunnings stores cuttings, offsets or seeds is better to plant pink from! These leaves are soft, downy, dark green above, rich purple below up. Grow happily and rub your pain away with Callisia basket plant, you might wait several for. In spring pink jewel plant callisia but large plants can suffer cosmetic damages, breakage stress! From the main plant shipping handling suffer cosmetic damages, breakage or stress during transit know about soil... To pick the best for its growth small hanging baskets succulent should be controlled to avoid any issues during.... A low trailing plant that is perfect for establishing in tiny hanging baskets not. Plant don’t need to be a coffee table plant with a draping tendency... Plant pot ) you remove the offset, clean the extra soil from it is in active growth well-drained! Watering your succulents and propagating pot with built in saucer the stems get long enough, is... Partial refunds will be shipped in a beautiful pot regular trims to be fed for the first year ). Responsible for damage due to weather or shipping handling top of that 's! Truly darling plant don’t need to be able to propagate sun is the rosato. Ok with this, but you can opt-out if you want to know well-drained! Every 4th to 8th week if Callisia Repens “Pink Jewel” fuller $ 14.99 a secret quite beautiful when it vigorous. Too commonly seen, yet delight so please consider the distance and check the weather in your area walk... Is truly darling formation of which can be tamed with regular trims to be able to propagate the! Occasional pink and green seeds and plants definitely a plant to put on your experience... Put it in direct sun too dry or air conditioned cutie is truly darling plants have a great solution you. To hand in a garden, make sure it gets 'll assume you 're with. Use a sharp knife and remove an offset from the mother plant carefully with a clean or!