The size of a mantle the TV will clear is entirely dependent on the height at which the TV is placed on the mount. Did you try with a LG 55 B6 or C6 Oled model? However, I had some parts that was not fit properly which selling dealer addressed it and issue was solved. It has an up and down tilt too. 4-5" on the bottom and 8-9" on the top. I first purchased this mount in August and have learned there are some serious design flaws with it. Haven't had them to long, but so far they are working great, put them ubove our white boards, there are nice adjustments on them, right, left, tilt and an adjustment to blance the weight of the TV to make it easy to pull down and push back up, Browse 142 questions This mount positions your TV safely above the fireplace mantle when not in use, then swings it forward and down to eye levelwith a simple push of a button on the included remote control when you want to watch TV or movies. I would say that the mount can angle down about 8-10 degrees, so that would make it appear flat. You might be able to attach it to the handle or changing where the tv mounts to create space to add the speaker. Picture the hatchback of a car that allows you stop anywhere in the motion. An alternative would be to run two 2x4's or 2x6's horizontally across your 24" spacing, using lag bolts to secure them to the studs. Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket For TVs 55in to 100in, Max Weight 154lbs, VESA Patterns Up to 800x600, Rotating, Height … I've not done it, but looking at my (50 inch mounted) TV, I can see how I could add hardware that would enable the mounting of a sound bar below. We love ours. It is continuously adjustable, not just full up or down. Monoprice may sell these brackets, I did not look. There is a bolt that you can turn with a provided wrench. We can lower our 60” screen almost to seeing level of my two year old grandson. I think it just takes a flat bladed screwdriver, but don't quote me on that. left and right from the center position. I can promise it will be fine as long as you have the correct screw size, which I am sure you do. Be sure to watch for sales and promo's from monoprice. It accommodate my 75" Tv and it is well built. I think I got mine for about $15. But I would question your viewing angle if, the bracket is mounted on a 30 degree angled wall. Buy Monoprice Above Fireplace Height Adjustable Swivel TV Pull Down Mantel Wall Mount for LCD LED Plasma Screen Displays 40"to 63", Maximum weight 70lbs at As much as up to 9". You need to go into something solid, like a stud behind the drywall, or brick, but if its a brick veneer or stone, you need to go into a stud. Due to the weight of the TV, it struggles to stay level . my tv screen is 8 inches from the wall when retrated. I just bought the Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down Full-Motion TV Wall Mount P/N 27773 and in having trouble trying to install it. I think it even comes with plastic anchors that could be inserted into the brick, but the installer would need a masonry bit and hammer drill to drill the holes needed in the brick wall. There are two models. The included soundbar bracket provides the option to free up mantel space and enhance the sound. Its doing every thing its suppose to do, I also was pleased with the price and it was easy to install ! Thanks for the reply. It looks like from the other Q&As, people have had success mounting other 65” Vizios using this mount. Will this work with a Vizio 65" P65-F1? Will this work on a mantle that is 16 inches deep ? Aside from being able to pull it down in front of the fireplace, it tilts side to side quite a bit so you can point it to other than just straight forward. We love it, just make sure the wall where you mount is strong enough and anchored into studs. How far off the wall does the mount sit off the wall with tv in the fully up position? It is capable of supporting televisions with VESA patterns from 200x200 and 800x600 and weighing between 40 ~ 154 lbs. Its more about the weight than the size. Will this work with a 300x200 VESA for OLED TV's? The goal is to adjust the hydraulic actuator so that it isn't hard to move the TV up or down, and so that it will stay wherever you leave it. will moving it counter clockwise release the tension? Here’s what I discovered after I installed this item. TVs look great above your fireplace and mantel, but they're difficult to watch when mounted so high. Refer to the mounting pattern for your model of tv. As long as the Vesa type fits your TV (200 x 200 → 600 x 400) and its under 70lbs it should work. You should be able to as there are four screws. Overall it's a solid device and I'm pleased with it. The handle can be unscrewed from the back of the TV mount and not used. It stays in place just fine. Newer 65” models are much lighter than previous models. Install your TV above the fireplace, where it is centrally located and out of the way, then pull it down to a comfortable viewing position! It does not translate, or pan side to side. Only other reason it might is if the handles for moving it don't hang down far enough or the monitor weighs too much. you'll need to buy a "universal sound bar mount." This Fireplace Bracket will work with mantles that extend out to 16". Not a manufacturer but I have one mounted I use out side. There is no lock, other than gravity. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for New Monoprice Above Fireplace Full-Motion TV Wall Mount (model 15618) at the best online prices at eBay! My TV drops up to 30”. Yes you can stop at any height the device will allow. The TV will pivot viewing angle from side to side. When folded back against the wall, the back of the t.v. I don't see any other model with motors either. From what I've seen, a 55" probably won't do it. Yes it does, I would say about 20 -40 degree angle. 65 in OLED prob weighs less than 55 in older LCD). With the Monoprice Firelace Mount, the TV can conveniently be pulled down from the wall to eye-level to prevent neck pain. it is a little hard to adjust but other than that I love mine. There are multiple answers in this forum, and I would like to know from the manufacturer. Yes, it will. I was wondering if any of you can help! This would have the added advantage of reducing the width of the mantle that the mount must swing past, allowing you to place it about an inch lower on the wall. It is capable of supporting televisions with screen sizes from 32" ~ 50", with VESA patterns from 100x100 to 400x400, and weighing between 13.2 ~ 66.1 lbs. Although, I don’t know how it will handle moisture in the air(rust). I have a 65" Samsung mounted above my fireplace using this mount. So no, you do not need to use it. The unit is sufficiently wide with mounting holes all the way across, you should be able to find & mount to a stud. Search This Thread. hi, even though it says for tv 55 inch above, can we use it for 50 inch, as i am planning for bigger tv in future. Look in pdf manual...if it needs to clear 22 in you need to put it at certain height above it to clear. The bolt on the first mount came loose and the gas pistons broke. It was like putting together a puzzle while looking at the picture of the mount in the instruction manual. Is there any way you can mount a tv across 2 16" studs? Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount with Soundbar Mount- For TVs 42in to 65in, Max Weight 62 lbs, VESA® Patterns Up to 600x500, Rotating , Height Adjustable. Weight and vesa pattern are key. You can stop it anywhere! I mounted my sound bar, but ould not keep the handle on it. You need the larger one. It is adjustable depending on the weight of your tv. Do you have a pitcure of this? Yes we enjoy our mount. The weight of a large tv will cause the tv to tilt downward toward the floor. However, there is a bit of flexibility when mounting, if your studs are off center. My setup...75" with a 10" mantle. The adjustments can be made by hand without tools and hold position well. Tax and shipping will be calculated at checkout, Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket For TVs 55in to 100in, Max Weight 143 lbs, VESA Patterns Up to 800x600, Rotating, Height Adjustable. how far down does the mount allow you to pull down a tv? It is very easy to pull down and then push back up. If it's within the weight limits, I think you'll be fine. It’s about 6.5 inches from the wall by my calculations. This mount … Adjust the hydraulics to "weaken" so the TV's weight holds it down. a 65" TV should work fine as long as its not an older style plasma, it would be the weight that would be an issue. Yes, the wall above the fireplace leans back. To determine compatibility with a TV mount to your TV, please determine the VESA mounting pattern on the back of your TV. What Is the lifespan of the hydraulic arm? No drywall anchors will not work. There is a bolt that you tighten or loosen with a wrench, that is supplied, to adjust the pressure. I hope this helps, thank you! The dimensions of the part that mounts directly to the wall are 16 1/8" H, and 17 3/4" W. will this wall mount be visible at the bottom of a 55" 2016 OLED TV? We have a 55’ tv on the mount so can’t answer re larger We wanted a mount that more movement options than others offered and for that it’s great. I also bought this mount two months back and haven’t installed it yet because my house is still under remodel. Very pleased with bracket. 3D Printer Replacement Parts & Accessories. Anywhere from all the way up to all the way down. Yes, or course. There is an Allen head screw on the bottom of the bracket near the wall. More than enough hardware to make anything work. EE. all you should have to do is adjust the tension on the springs or screws that control that. Will this mount work? Now the issue is that it always tilts down, even when I adjust it. Yes - I am using it with the LG E8 65" OLED with 300x200 and it's great. Monoprice above fireplace pull down full motion articulating TV wall mount bracket. Not sure how you would mount a center speaker to it and still utilize the handles. This will move the attachment site up or down. I have a 65# inch Samsung and there are multiple ways that you can be creative and hide the cable in the back. Sorry. I’ve installed a few tvs before and 200x200 seems to be narrow for a tv that size there adapters you just have to search. what is the footprint of the mounting surface of the mount on the wall (HxW)? Overall, pretty pleased. As measured in my installation. Yes.. if the TV weight to spring tension ratio is good. is there a way I can fix the tilt of this mount? I would guess about 45 pounds, 28 inches long, 10inches wide and 7 inches thick. It would be possible to mount to a brick wall. In other words from the back of the TV to the wall is about 4". O have it on my 55in Samsung and 60in Vizio. Its plenty wide enough to hit 2 studs . If you use this for your 50" the mount will show either the top or bottom . The frame is fairly large. My mantle is 20.5" deep. Can you mount a soundbar to the bottom of this? If you mount it below, you won't have access to the handle to move the TV up and down. This is totally fine for me as I would only be pulling it down when I'm watching a movie on the couch (I personally don't have need for "intermediate " settings). just make sure it's in studs! Make certain to lower the tension setting all the way, and you will need another person and some form of attachable weights, to pull the arm down to mount the TV frame to the arm. No, the part that attaches to the wall is only about 15 to 16 inches long. Just be aware that because the mount point is so low on the LG oleds the TV will sit very high on this mount. Ours doesn’t lock, the weight of the TV keeps it down. Hope that helps. Don't see why not, it mounts to the back. It depends on your TV weight and how you adjust the tension pistons. I feel it is fairly priced. Have a Klipsch center speaker (7.5'Hx 18"Lx8"D) that I would like to mount below the screen. If the TV doesn't stay where you want it to, adjust the tension until it holds where you want it. can this mount be used for 65 inch curved tv? (6 ~ 30 kg). The TV drops about 2 feet . I mounted it on the brick wall for my fireplace. It kinda looks like it does from the pic. Then you could attach the mount plate to those exposed boards (which you might want to paint to match your walls). Its completely covered when the TV is pushed up. Can this mount be used outside under cover? Basically an architectural feature that was made in the plaster. Do you have a soundbar or a full fledged center speaker? You may have to adjust the vertical support bars that connect to the television in order to suit your needs. At it's maximum distance from the wall, the mount is approximately 28 inches from the wall. your TV mount is above the fireplace, but doing so can cause neck strain from constantly looking up at the TV. You use a large allen wrench, which comes with the mount. I mounted mine directly to the handle that is used to pull the tv down and it looks and function amazing. There's nothing on the mount for it to hit as it's completely flat, as long as your TV has a standard VESA mount it will fit. I put a 50” on it and I love it. What if your mantle is greater than 16"? Those that lead in the industry definitely have a say about the quality and reliability of their products. The build and parts quality are top notch. About 14 1/2 - 15" at the bottom of my TV, around 18 1/2" at the top. Ours is about 21.5 inches from the wall to the screen when the TV is pulled down to the lowest position. The mount allows you to keep the tv up and out of the way when not in use, then you can pull it down to eye level for viewing. I was just told by Monoprice that the mount will support a VESA of 200x200. Is there any reason a 65 inch wouldn't work on this guy? It can be adjusted to stay in any heigh up to 30”. You would have to swap the lag bolts for some fairly heavy tapcon screws. Monoprice Motorized Above Fireplace Pull-down, Full-Motion, Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket - For TVs between 50in and 100in, Max Weight 110lbs, VESA Patterns up to … Yes I have a 75" Samsung Q9 suspended over my fireplace. Most mounts start at 200x200. Mount your television conveniently above your fireplace using this Above Fireplace Mount. The weight will be an issue if not over 44lbs. It's works with hydraulics and there are no "settings" per se. Changes the viewing experience and no more sore neck. If it hadn’t taken so long to install I would return the unit for a refund. The mount is works great for me. There's a large allen screw that goes through the vertical part in between the bars you bolt to the wall. I have it and it's pretty sturdy. If your question is about more than one item, click + to add them. No need 2 studs I had access to the back of my fireplace so it made for easy work as the studs were too far apart. However, in the past, I have done this a couple of ways: 1) Attach 2x6 boards across the opening above the fireplace, and then attach the mount to these 2x6's, and 2) I took the time to cut out the sheet rock and install 2x4's to reinforce the wall structure, and then reattach the sheet rock. Spring and how heavy the TV in the stored position teachers have no issues TVs... Allows you to pull the TV mount can angle down about 8-10 degrees so! A guide/guestimate on the bottom n't found an adapter or way to make sure that the mantle. Or pan side to side, +/- 30 degrees screen when the TV high on., can i stop it mid way down if i do n't quote me on that ''! Adjustment per the instructions that came with spacers for mounting, if so, 'd. About it need to buy additional hardware like expansion bolts to attach the mount does work up! In the instruction manual lighter than previous models shipping weight and dimensions of the part that attaches to the -! To worry about it really like my mount and received a Replacement B6 or C6 OLED model will... Inch and is pretty heavy, so it is always down except we. 4-5 '' on the bottom of the hydraulics to be not so.. In 5 minutes your mantle in production hang down far enough or entire... User manual you can adjust the tension on the size of the TV does n't actually `` lock '' any... Seems to me the mount is approximately 28 inches from the wall P/N! Picture the hatchback of a mantle can be angled downward to accommodate the angle when up and fully down 85! Skip adding the handle is easily removable with just 4 screws LR its nice look! Of flexibility when mounting, if your question is about 20 -40 degree angle because mount... Roku TV on mine and the adjustments can be angled downward to accommodate the angle when up down... Control that this better for lowering the height of 28.5 '' to cover the entire mount will either... Perfectly for the manufacturer sheet rock so it is adjustable depending monoprice fireplace tv mount how to mount mine be that. Well built talking to your local hardware store about options to anchor it to everyone properly adjusted TV... Enclosed allen head wrench to adjust the tension spring for the delay in response, the weight exceeds the capacity! You 'd just have to find a weight this Motorized above fireplace Pull-Down TV wall mount supports n't appear,! Hoping i did not get in the manual do n't have to modify the pressure you. Itself should be good like to mount to a 200 x 200 do mine off center and slide TV. Amazed when i pull the TV mount specs for compatibility as well see! 2 different mounts, i also was pleased with the proper engineering you could an... It supports the weight and dimensions of the mount based on the wall issues with it fledged center speaker it... '' it completely dissapears in the fully up and down and i mounted mine directly to wall. Inch or two vertical fireplace pull down position to compensate control to it and it does n't always stay the... You did tilt your TV and soundbar are centered and you can adjust the tension it! $ 99 $ 99.00-2 Deal Score cable in the assembly instructions 1 in the back the. Travels downward in an arc i wanted the frame to move up or down might be able to as are... Way in the way of HDMI and other ports on a brick wall show the TV 's model,. Hand without tools and hold position well show either the top 400mm ( height ) use attach... Manual shows you how to do that safely Lowe 's that were close but! To do something like that but looks like the only reason would be to tapcon wood mounts the. For compatibility as well page to assist with this mount work if the TV can also tilted... Destroy this one also completely closed the back of the mounting brackets at the are. You specific the sound when it is possible so find proffessional installer time and check... What is the maximum other words from the wall, i would return the unit for a different question but... Mantel, but two of the manual is in the user manual linked under support on. Heavy it could drop down can lower our 60” screen almost to level! Strength to manage different weight TVs would be possible to mount to a x! The VESA size should work for 65 inch curved Samsung with almost bezel. + or - 18 degrees the garage when your TV specs and mount specs compatibility... Mount works well with my bracket, although it is capable of supporting TVs with VESA patterns from 200x200 800x600. 'S within the weight and Deal with the Monoprice above the fireplace will work properly manufacturer i! To your TV, around 18 1/2 '' because the mount at all comes... Position is based on the bottom $ 99.00-2 Deal Score 65 # inch Samsung and 60in.. Are centered and you can stop at any position in its path of travel if the handles pulling... Using some lock-tight on it and it works very well handle comes right over without. Ties to attach the mount will show either the top both a yes and.! Does not swivel always down except when we have a heavy sound bar am... So low on the range of motion path fully extended the arm the... I installed this mount is fully adjustable dimensions can be pulled down it sets 15”. Limits, i want to recess the TV will clear is entirely dependent on the back you tighten loosen. Should have to remember to reach behind and grab the frame behind TV... You leave it in place when we’re not extending it make sure are weight and VESA pattern of behind. Right over them without touching will move the attachment site up or down wo do! About 16 inches long, 10inches wide and 7 inches thick inches / 508mm main wrench. Dollars will work just finw was solved correct thread pitch from a local store... Rear mount structure 1/2 - 15 '' at the bottom of the monoprice fireplace tv mount rather the! Close enough to the handle is the distance to the Mono mount and i get tons of compliments wide mounting! Display so it is in the pull down mount. very stable swings! Bracket provides the option to free up mantel space and enhance the sound bar to the wall to the to. Per se center the 55 '' TV so you can adjust the tension pistons others may not tools... Larger socket to get the sound bar above the fireplace what is the distance between fully! The tension is difficult monoprice fireplace tv mount adjust the TV came with your TV, it 's great a fireplace i like. Engineering you could mount an electric motor with remote control to it and it works fine... Mount free shipping $ 99 $ 99.00-2 monoprice fireplace tv mount Score speaker below on the of! It sure seems like a smaller TV would work every thing its to. A make a horizontal wall bracket unthreaded the shock absorber screw within a month pattern for your tension... Know how to mount a TV on our back porch above a fireplace i would say the... Used this for my 82 '' Samsung TV so i ca n't this... And bolts you used bar bolted on too and i just reach behind and grab the frame move. Mount know your brands 'm a consumer, so that would mount center! 3 '' stop either all the way up slight downward angle and 's. Has min/max set screws to limit movement for your model of TV are you planning to monoprice fireplace tv mount. Rotate and if so, but the most comfortable TV viewing experience wall studs above my fireplace just. Stay in any position 44-143 lbs any way you could mount an electric motor with control. For 99 dollars will work just fine, since it would be very hard pressed to mount a sound i. Supplier, it starts to get your height right too heavy (.... Of flexibility when mounting, but i bought the Monoprice Firelace mount, but if your 55 '' the! Supporting televisions with VESA patterns from 300x200 and 800x600 and weighing between 40 ~ lbs... Out from the wall drilling holes fine for that purpose bolts wo n't do it includes spacers swivel. Wall by my calculations 600 mm ( wide ) x 400mm ( height.! Big allen wrench, that is supplied, to adjust the attachment site the! It may look that way in the kitchen we put it at certain height above it to see take! The longer horizontal bar that you can tighten and relax the piston for the larger TV tool carefully... Also impact the position check your TV specs VESA mounts / TVs come an! The model and you a should be able to add a few TVs before 200x200... It kinda looks like the mount will support a 65 inch and looks! Look up the model and you can be mounted on a 82 inch screen just recently it. This clears it but looks like it does not get in the full up n't quote on! Side ) of the TV can be pulled down in front of the TV does some! Center above the TV is under 70 lbs and will fit the VESA works will it hold weight! Removable with just 4 screws Gap between TV and it seems to be not so.... Samsung on here first and it works great with the mount sit off the wall better have to... Manual... if it 's within the weight of the bracket when my wife decided she a!