For 12 years we develop, manufacture and sells the high-efficiency heat generators of hot air "Dragon" based on biofuel productivity of hot air (heated to 120 degrees Celsius) from 600 m3/hr up to 6000 m3/hr (one model). Their technical feature is using the air as a coolant ducts and returning to water heating system. As a fuel there is waste wood processing industry and the agriculture (wood, furniture manufacturing waste, sawdust, wood chips, seed hulls) and all available biofuels such as straw, coal, peat, etc.

Heat got its name "Dragon" because of the impressive nature of fire, which arises during combustion in lack of oxygen (pyrolysis). And now more than 12 years, proposed heat generators are used for heating such objects:

  • production shops, many of which previously was not heated through prices and their large size;
  • farms where often it is impossible to install pipe water heating, heating hot air is also an ideal solution. This way it saves not only money needed for the installation of expensive valves (cost much lower air channels) but also allows you to heat the large-volume space for a much shorter time and winter is not afraid of water freezing in the pipes;
  • drying wood as fuel for such a camera is waste wood, and thanks to thermal sensors easily maintain the required temperature for the required time;
  • dryers for grains, where the cost of coolant strongly influences the pricing of the final product due to heat generator "Dragon" can not achieve a significant reduction in the price of hot air. That is why our customers spend replace gas burners or other types of boilers to heat generators "Dragon";
  • sports facilities, through which a significant amount of heat is very unprofitable project. Building a mini-boiler based heating equipment "Dragon", there is no need to install pipe heating system, and with it you can heat the room only at the right time.

Depends on the economic side, heat generators "Dragon" have many advantages compared with domestic and foreign counterparts;

  • efficiency up to 90%! It achieves through pyrolysis method of burning fuel, heating fuel and decomposition occurring in a cell and combustion in the second. Combustion chamber made of heat-resistant ceramics.
  • Using of biofuels means independence from expensive and non-renewable energy sources. The price of 1 kWh of thermal energy from wood is about 4-fold lower than another one obtained with gas.
  • Coolant - air. Reduced costs for heating installation (no need to mount the tubes and batteries). Due to the high efficiency air heating in a short time reached the required temperature, which allows heat the levitra instructions room only during working hours.
  • Minimum CO2 emissions. It achieved by means of high temperature incineration at a temperature in the furnace over 1200C°.